No Soliciting

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They knock at my door -uninvited

they never respect my privacy.

No soliciting I say and point to the sign

hoping they will understand and go away.

But we bring you the word of God

they explain and hand me a flyer,

the same one they gave me just a few weeks ago.

They point at a book and ask for my time

ignoring my wishes, like so many times before.

I believe in unicorns, mermaids, and elves,

can even show you a text explaining it all.

I honor your beliefs, would never ask you to change,

can you now please accept mine and close the door.


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16 thoughts on “No Soliciting

  1. Gilles LIKES having them come to the door. He engages them in conversation and has even invited them in because he enjoys the argument …. I mean the “conversation”. A number of years ago they told him they were going to stop coming because he took too much time … and they stopped for about 3 years.
    I’m willing to rent him out 😉

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