Click Like – Don’t read!


The other day, when a blogger posted a picture of her toes, I knew it was time to rethink this blogging thing -again. At a time, when we are stuck at home and I should be wanting to read blogs, I found myself scrolling through my reader, clicking LIKE just because it’s the right thing to do. Three or four bloggers still get comments from me. Only one or two I actually still read. The rest?

Scroll – Click “Like” – Don’t read – Repeat!

I know I am not the only one. I have puplished posts with over 800 – 1000 words (Yes, I am a bad blogger) and got a LIKE 30 seconds after I published it.

That was my aha-moment. Why don’t I……..?

And so it began!

Scroll – Click “Like” – Don’t read – Repeat!

Blogging, reading, writing takes time. Time I don’t have. You have to be interested in other peoples ugly toes -sorry they really weren’t show-off material- and sadly I am not. I have my own ugly toes to deal with.

I love photography but don’t find too much entertainment in most of the pictures anymore. Another cat, another flower, another lake and I do the same.

Scroll – Click “Like” – Don’t read – Repeat!

I love ugliness. There is so much beauty if you look deeper beyond the surface. Stories told by just one picture. I love things that are unique. I love to feel a story unfold when I look at a picture, just like I do with a good painting. I need to feel something…anything.

Give me emotions. PLEASE!

All these altered photos, like nature wouldn’t be bright enough! Using all kind of ‘photo trickery’ to make a picture more interesting. Newsflash, if it’s necessary, perhaps the picture wasn’t that interesting to begin with?

Scroll – Click “Like” – Don’t read – Repeat!

Where are the edgy posts? The posts about life in all its un-glory?

It’s like reading a boring diary. Yes, life is boring here too. Still it has its interesting, humorous moments. Life is not just rainbows and sunshine. There are clouds and thunder. Give me Thunder!

Scroll – Click “Like” – Don’t read – Repeat!

Poems, yes there is the edginess -at least in some. The ugliness beauty of our lives seen through a pen.

Emotions, Tears and laughter. A little bit of love, a big dose of reality please!

Scroll – Read – Click “Like” – Hope to repeat!

I have adjusted nicely over the years. Not much edginess on my block now either.

No Politics = Check
No Religion= Check
Be nice= Check
Be polite =🤣 (not today)

Maybe I need to wait until I am retire? But I don’t want to retire. What now?

Maybe just another blogging break?

And here you are reader, regretting that you didn’t:

Scroll – Click “Like” – Don’t read – Repeat!

I am a bad, bad blogger (?) | The happy Quitter!

69 thoughts on “Click Like – Don’t read!

  1. Naw, I need to read the post first. How else would I know if I like it. Also, I’ve been online since the late 90s… and we’d always comment back then. I miss those days. We created a great community. Anyway, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I’ve even noticed the change in the tone of your writing. But I’ll only like it if I’ve read it first 😀

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    • Goodness, did I change my tone?

      I always loved the interaction with readers and I like to leave comments as well. But…not all the time. A post needs to make me think or feel. That’s the best kind. So, what’s wrong with my tone now? Good grief, now you have me thinking.

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      • 😀 I mean your narrative “tone” It is confident and invites the reader to pay attention to the message. Some writers seem as if they don’t want to offend the reader. It’s difficult to know what they think of the subject. Your tone allows us to take a position.

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  3. I’ve never seen this many comments on your posts and since I read them a week or more behind that’s saying something! I purposefully read the blogs I follow so I CAN read and think about them before reacting. Guess that makes me an “odd duck” too.

    As far as likes, not likes, weird pix, etc., I look at a blog (and really comments on blogs I follow since I have done so little with mine still) as a place to express myself. So Bridget (did I spell that right?), as far as I’m concerned, you just continue to be you, and I’ll just continue to be me. Deal?

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  4. I had to laugh at the idea of posting about toes. That might be considered edgy, but not sure I want to see it. LOL! My experience with blogging is rather up and down after so many years. I have zero expectation from others, and write for my own satisfaction, always delighted if anyone stops by at all! But I try hard to keep up with others. I am genuinely interested, if not always entertained. I have also known bloggers who disabled the like button to resist the lazy responses. Blogging does take time. And sometimes we just really don’t have any left to give away! 🙂

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  5. Likes are not that serious here, or so they seem. I too have seen the 5 second like after just posting a wordy post. I relate more to comments. Trouble is not every blogger with engage or respond, or will only do so sporadically. I will never get a swelled head by likes or follows… the truth is in the words. And incidentally I love your blog… there are times we don’t see eye to eye, but that is what makes this imperfect world great.

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  6. You really hit a nerve here! Some people will just unfollow you, if you don’t like every single piece they put out there. I do read before I press the like button but I also read less and less blogs. Maybe one has to be retired to write a decent blog?

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  7. 🙂 Where did you get the idea that you are a bad blogger for publishing blog posts that fall within the range of 800 to 1000 words?

    By the way, I specialize in long-form content and my viewing audience loves it.

    I also agree that creating blog posts and reading other people’s blog posts take time (It is one of those sacrifices that we bloggers need to make).

    Do have yourself a wonderful weekend!

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    • I don’t want my post reblogged on your blog, please.
      I always ask if ‘reblogging’ is ok (hint.)
      I am agnostic, love to talk about religion without being religious. My blog and your Christian blog do not match -at all.
      You suppose you are a wonderful blogger, so it’s my loss.


  8. I personally never hit “like’ unless I actually do read it. Because when I get 6 likes in 6 seconds, I know the person didn’t read it. There’s lots of blogs out there; I follow and read the ones I enjoy. I appreciate you bringing up a point that is rarely mentioned. Enjoy your day!

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  9. How would I know your interesting background Bridget if I Scroll – Click “Like” – Don’t read – Repeat! However, I have found myself doing a cull of those multi posting, same every time, re blogged 17 times, type bloggers. Always lovely to see you though. Honest!

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  10. I like your “nonsmokingladybug” title and cute picture. My daughter’s “logo” is a ladybug. There’s something inviting about those little bugs. Your blog title was inviting, too. Click Like – Don’t Read – – – of course I will want to read a blog that tells me not to!! When you wrote, “Yes, life is boring here too. Still it has its interesting, humorous moments. Life is not just rainbows and sunshine. There are clouds and thunder. Give me Thunder!” I wanted to cry out to you. “Boring” is a word that is as forbidden in our home as the “F” word. No excuse for boredom. Look at the interesting, humorous moments and dwell on ways to expand them! Look for the blogs that inspire you. Skip the rainbows and sunshine if they annoy you. Hear the thunder and find the beauty in the clouds. You must know how to do that or you wouldn’t have 2.992 followers!! You gotta be doing something right. Thanks for visiting JanBeek. I hope you’ll be back… and look for the thunder. My #2 daughter helped sound it today for me. ❤

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    • Goodness, did I like your comment. Why is there no LOVE button here?
      Our life does have it’s dull moment here. We just went through 26 months of small hell. (Bypass recovery, shoulder recovery etc. pp)
      And then there is work and the houshold. “I just did laundry! How the heck can the basket be full again.”
      “Ladybug” is my nickname, or one of them. Given to me after a night of a bit of drinking, when I cried when a ladybug died.

      I look at blogging the same way Iook at older faces. Don’t botox them, let me see the wrinkles. Life’s lines tell a story and we should not hide them or try to look perfect. Do you know what I mean?
      Thank you for reading!

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    • Not sure if I’m supposed to be replying to their comments on your blog ? But I’m intrigued by the content, I’m a realist in the same real world as you and I envy your “thunder” ! Was inspired by my better half to start this blog thing our first verbal definition for category was “it gets worse” as a mental thought when you’re going through a catastrophe because no matter what it is it gets worse than the thing you are experiencing right? And I judge no person because I’m no angel . I love reality and knowledge. I wish that we all had the same thunder so that we could be more ready. It really makes us humble . I urge you to be more active with your hearts and prayers when it comes to what’s happening in the world around you. Only so that we can make it to where your “thunder” can be a blessing to the ones in worse situations! Loved your words..

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  11. That’s very true actually. Think we’ve all done the click like thing. And some blogs are better than others or you connect more. I was going to do one about my toes but I’ll leave it now…..

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