Small Steps

All of us –without exception– go through difficult periods and sometimes even substantial crises in our lives. We feel like we are on a ship without an anchor, we feel hopelessness and powerlessness. Sometimes we just feel blue without any reason, other times we have to overcome a loss and hardship.

We feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and burnt out. What to do?

My grandmother once gave me this tip, this week, right before I could drive myself mad with worrying, I remembered it:

When times are difficult, move on in small steps.

Do what you need to do, but do it slowly.

Don’t think about the future or what might happen tomorrow.

Clean the dishes.

Wipe dust.

Walk the dog.

Write a letter.

Cook a soup.

You see?

You move forward, step by step.

Take a step and then take a break.


Appreciate yourself.

Take the next step.

Then another.

You will hardly notice it, but the number of your steps will add up and the time will come when you can think about the future again without crying, without worrying.

So much wisdom!


14 thoughts on “Small Steps

  1. I do appreciate these kinds of wisdoms. Immensely practical advice, given from the vantage point of lived experiences. Breaking down anything difficult into smaller steps is a sound strategy but can indeed apply to stress and worry. I love that she incorporated rest and breaks and appreciate yourself as well as examples of things to ground a person racked with negative thoughts.


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