Size doesn’t matter…



I had a project in Orlando, Florida this winter and I enjoyed the warm weather so much. What a nice break it was. I left Ohio bundled up, freezing and hours later I stood outside with just a t-shirt and enjoyed the warm weather.

The hotel was great and I was starving -as always- so I decided to check out the surrounding area.

I walked outside and looked at the little map I got from the front desk, numerous restaurants and shops where just a blog away and I wanted to leave, when something got my attention. A lady was rolling a hotel luggage cart, parked it in front of her vehicle and then she vanished inside the car.

I stood there and watched as bag after bag got thrown out and after a while I just had to laugh. I had a red, old VW Beetle once myself and remember my own packing rituals way back then. I just had to take this picture. I didn’t wait until she was done, feared that I would be rolling on the floor laughing, because she wasn’t done when I left…what can I say, I was hungry.

Size doesn’t matter

Marilyn from Serendipity had a marvelous idea. A Serendipitous photo-story prompt and I will gladly join. I don’t own a good working camera right now, but I am in the process of changing that. In the meantime I will share some pictures from the past, or some I took on the road with my phone or tablet. Please excuse the quality of the pictures, I don’t always wear my eyeglasses.

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  2. It sounds like me and my bag. It’s a tote. At the least, it contains a camera (maybe a few extra lenses too) and spare batteries. Cell phone. Wallet. Pouch with “other stuff” in it. Comb. A couple of protein bars. Extra pair of knee highs, scrunchie, undies (hey, emergencies can happen!). Essential medications. Sometimes a Kindle. Pens. Notepad. Small makeup clutch (I don’t wear makeup but emergencies can happen, as previously mentioned). Then I wonder why it’s so HEAVY.

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      • Heh, I have my wallet (with phone) and keys in my purse — if I carry a purse, which isn’t always. Maybe a pen. Oh, and my inhaler. That’s pretty much it unless I’m going somewhere I know I’ll be waiting, then I’ll dig out my big bag and put my knitting/crocheting in there. I swear I carry less stuff than most men. Now when I had kids following me everywhere, that was a different story, but for just me? wallet and keys are pretty much all I need (and inhaler… when I remember it).

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