Horse apples and Happiness~!


My husband always jokes that I am the poster child for optimism in this world. My best friend, who passed away, last year, said pretty much the same thing about me. She always joked “you would get up after an earthquake, would look around and be happy, that you won’t have to dust anymore”, and there might be some truth to it.

My husband, the man who I love dearly since so many years, is the poster child of a pessimistic person. He sees a hair in the soup, before it’s even served and I always joke, that if there is a Heaven, he will go around saying “Seriously GOD, that’s all there is?”

I am not sure if we are soul mates, but we are best friends, lovers and partners in crime…so to speak. We compliment each other, he is negative and I am positive, so we balance each other out; having a good sense of humor and loving each other helps a lot. He gets me most of the time and he lets me be me, in the rare occasions, when he doesn’t get me.

I have met many people, who I could consider mates of my soul. Sometimes we feel an instant connection with people, a connection that we can’t explain…that’s when we should listen. Soul mates come in all form and sizes. They pop into our lives temporarily, to remind us of what we have been forgetting; our writing, singing, creating, imagining, dancing or living. They light the spark, they get the fire going. They are the gentle nudge we sometimes need. Sometimes they stay, and other times they move on, but they usually leave us appreciative and often breathless. They remind us to be alive, vibrant and hopeful.

I have been very lucky, some of my soul mates stayed for a long time.

The optimist and the pessimist

I want to tell you this story about the two brothers—small boys—one of them a confirmed pessimist, and the other a thoroughly “blooming optimist.”

The father of these boys had tried in every way possible to equalize the natures of the boys, but with no success at all. So, when Christmas time came around he was very careful to purchase for the pessimistic one everything in the line of toys and outfit that he had at any time expressed a wish for. In the stocking of the optimistic youngster, he put only a dried out horse apple.

Christmas morning came; and the pessimist, who was the first downstairs, looked wearily over the huge display of gifts provided for him; and then settled back with a sour look and this gloomy expression, “Oh, what’s the use, these things will all be broken in a day or two.” 

Shortly afterwards, the optimist came bouncing down; took one look into his stocking, and lifting out the horse apple, exclaimed, “Oh, Daddy, look what I got, somewhere here in the house there is a pony.”

That story always reminds me at my husband and me “yin and yang”…and now I go offline and look for that pony~!

Feeding 024

Yin to My Yang

How do you define the term “soulmate,” and do you believe in the existence of such a person — for you?

18 thoughts on “Horse apples and Happiness~!

  1. Hubby and I are polar opposites, but choose to make it work. Faith, Love, loyalty, humor and a no-other-options-allowed approach bring it all together for us, one day at a time, for 23 years total to date. And I definitely love those “instant” and progressive connections with folks life brings my way all the time. Nice post and great pic!


  2. A good couple. It’s nice to be opposite and I am not surprised it worked out so well for both of you. The pessimist knows the world is bad, the optimist is forever finding it out. Both make the best of it and in your case hold each other up.
    I am hugely pessimistic, love it. My partner since 1965 is forever laughing and seeing the good in everything, a great possitive loving partner who I can make laugh while she manages to put a smile in me as well.

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    • No can’t be pessimistic Gerard :-). Gosh you two sound like my husband and me. You summed it up so perfectly. I guess we do make each other laugh and smile. Sometimes I am even grateful (don’t tell him) when he points out what all could go wrong and I know I make him shake his head and smile with my optimism.
      PS. I like your wife 🙂


  3. Any relationship that lasts for a long time must satisfy some important needs of the soul, or it wouldn’t last. I think we meet many people in the course of life who are parts of our life puzzle. What I don’t believe is that there is only one single individual in the entire universe who can make you happy, will complete you. I don’t think we — or life — are that simple. Or that fate could be so cruel.

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