A Standing Ovation to a Republican

I would have never thought that would ever give a republican a standing ovation in my workroom, but I did. I did today, just a while ago.

Well, I work standing anyway, so it was maybe not a standing ovation, rather than just a heartfelt round of applause. 

Finally it is sinking in and people start to understand that “The Donald” will not just go away, as so many thought he would. It seems that now -even the ones that thought that this problem would just solve itself – start to understand that it won’t. Finally people start to speak up and bloggers start to write about it more frequently.

So, today I applaud Mott Romney -yes you heard right. Not for his political agenda, but for speaking up. I might not agree with all he has to say, neither do I belong to his party (or any party) but I agree with everything he says about Donald Trump.

I hope many other respected politicians will follow. In this case it doesn’t matter what party they belong to, it just matters that they speak up and that this nightmare will be over soon.


dump trump





11 thoughts on “A Standing Ovation to a Republican

  1. I’m not a very political creature- more of a head in the sand type- but even I have wondered why and how the Americans could ever have considered it. But we’ve got enough of a mess going on over here with the European issues. What a happy world! No wonder I escape into the blog. 🙂


  2. I understand your applause, but: I find his portrayal of the Democrats rather insulting – in 1964, Romney says, the choice was between Goldwater and a “dark, damgerous path”. And he approves of Trump’s saying he wants to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. Obama based his health care model on Romney’s in Massachusetts! So Romney is a hypocrite and a demagogue. And then he promotes the same old lies about Hillary Clinton.
    I also wonder if the Republican party will have a brokered convention. Maybe Romney will be put forth as the nominee! That’s what happened to the Democrats in 1968 when Humphrey – who wasn’t even running – was given the nomination.

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    • I am applauding, because it’s time that the republican party gets up and distance themselves from Trump.
      I am liberal and an independent voter. H. R. Clinton is not my main concern at this point, my main concern is not to have Trump as a nominee. As for lies…Gosh they are politicians, what do we expect?


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