A Healthy Emptiness

empty bowl

The last  miles are always the hardest. That’s when we feel tired, our feet hurt and every muscle and every bone in our body aches and seems to scream STOP, but the race is not over, and we continue to run on autopilot. We pursue the race without thinking and at the end, right after the finish line, we sit or lay down and feel empty. 

We have given our best, and we just finished the 5K or 10K we wanted to run so badly. We just reached the mountain top that we dreamed of. There is not a thought left on our mind, and nothing matters at this very moment, nothing beside the water bottle that we hold in our hand.

Emptiness has such negative reputation in our culture. Emptiness stands for loneliness and depression, both often just the result of boredom.

Feeling empty is actually a great feeling. It means we haven given it all, and for a short while, there is nothing left. A bowl has the most value to us when it’s empty, only then can we fill it back up. Emptiness, the state of containing nothing.

Emptiness is a doorway to freedom and a spiritual milestone in eastern cultures. Meditation asks us to achieve an empty feeling within, only then can we become receptive. Emptiness doesn’t always feel good, and that’s alright because it’s not the final destination, just a short stop during our travels.

Feeling empty


17 thoughts on “A Healthy Emptiness

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  2. Very interesting Bridget. I’ve never thought of it as emptiness before, but I guess in a way it is. As Diane mentioned – emptiness as preparation for receptiveness. Isn’t there a saying about making room in your life to attract more of the things you want? … the metaphorical cleaning of the closet 🙂

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  3. And that is why it’s good to purge things from one’s life every once in a while. ^_^ Gotta get rid of the excess stuff because you can’t obtain emptiness if you’re carrying around too much…. stuff.

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