Will there still be a Public Good?


“Why do we force people to pay taxes?”

Because they wouldn’t pay otherwise.

“Why wouldn’t they?”

They would consider other things more important.

“What are taxes for?”

To serve the public good.

“Who defines the public good?”

The voters, when the vote for their representatives.

“If the public votes for evil will there still be a public good?”


11 thoughts on “Will there still be a Public Good?

  1. Even if by some horrible twist of fate that man gets voted into office, people forget that the president has very little power overall. We can still vote a majority of reasonable people into the Senate and the House (a majority of the seats are up for re-election). The president is the top, but he is far from the most powerful. Just look at what President Obama couldn’t accomplish with the House and Senate working against him his entire term.

    Then again, look at what he did…

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