Sound asleep

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I have been a fan of the Daily Prompt from the start. Well, maybe not from the outset. First I had to find my way around but then, after I had found it, that’s when I was hooked. I learned what a pingback was and I learned to link a post and finally, I was a proud blogger and a member of the Daily Prompt community.

Back then -about three years ago- the prompts were asked in the form of questions. It was so much fun. There were always a few knuckleheads who abused the prompt but 90% stayed on target, and that was the magic of it. It was not just about writing, it was also about reading.

I spent hours reading other blogger’s answers and I enjoyed the different approaches to the same subject.

Then, somebody at WordPress must have lost interest, and they repeated the same daily prompt questions over and over. Many good writers left, the ones that stayed complained a bit, and finally, we were heard.

All of a sudden we were given a daily word, and it all went downhill from there.

The last two days I tried to read some of the replies to the given prompt, and it was almost painful, it put me sound asleep.

Many -too many- bloggers don’t even bother with the prompt at all. They write what the want to, and use the space to promote their own blog mercilessly. Medical advice, fitness instructions, unrelated animal pictures and even cooking recipes can be found on a daily base.

There are even some who publish multiple posts – needless to say, none of them are subject related.

I wish someone at WordPress would clean up this mess, but I know better. I could have very well posted a photograph of my naked behind, and still, nobody would care.





20 thoughts on “Sound asleep

  1. I got here to the party late and missed the questions… as a poetry writer I am not sure how the questions would have created a poem, but a wonderful idea for blog prompts. I do try to stay on topic as best as I can with the daily prompts… some are VERY vague words though and it is hard. I hope I am not one of the offenders.

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    • You are right, some a words are very vague.
      I didn’t mean to call people “offenders” I just wanted to write about the situation. They shouldn’t call it a daily prompt anymore. Call it what it is, a daily promotion place and we all know.


  2. I was very disappointed when they changed the prompt to a one word thing- and it drives me crazy when I find people using the prompt for self promotion. I sometimes participate, but don’t find it as much fun as it used to be. Love your last Gif- made me LOL


  3. I’d forgotten that the prompts used to be questions. I recently checked in on the daily prompts, but the word thing didn’t grab me. Everything considered, how long do you suppose it’ll be until WP decides to replace the words with emojis?! 😉

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  4. I agree with you. I enjoyed the questions, although it was a very short window of time that I saw them…I started here late in the game. I was dismayed when they started recycling them, seemingly without thought or reason, and then this one word thing is just lame. I’ll do one now and then if it really grabs my attention, but like you, I don’t read many because they’re off topic. It’s really rather sad.

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    • The off topics destroy it all. It would be so easy to take care of that. Make it a rule to stay on topic and delete the ones who don’t do it. After a week it would be fun again. 🙂

      But I agree the one-word topic is rather lame.


  5. I try to stick to the word of the prompt. At the age of 70 I just like to see that I can still do it and concentrate. However, there are some words, where I really have to dig deep in what to say. I used to read almost all and pass my comment, but I stopped that a long while ago when they began to repeat the prompts. I made a decision this week. If I find something to say about the word and it is interesting I do it, otherwise I write my own thing, but not under the prompt, a separate blog. I am now too old for a full time job and want to enjoy my blogging world. If someone reads and comments, ok, otherwise I write because I want to write.

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