Thank You, Nancy Pelosi!

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Last night did not bring the dramatic shift I hoped for, but the Democrats took back the house and now they will provide the new house speaker. Nancy Pelosi (78) has said she will run for speaker again, but after 16 years at the top, I think it’s time for some changes.

She has done a fabulous job and deserves our gratitude and respect, but let’s face it, most people are tired of the same old faces, they are asking for change, and I hope the Democrats will be smart enough to listen this time.

Imagine, for the first time there could be a black house speaker in Congress.

The new Democratic speaker would also be in a unique position to take on Donald Trump -who has openly stoked racial divides in the country- at a critical period for the party.

Democrats are facing an ideological division. Their restored majority comes thanks to many moderate candidates, who beat Republicans in districts that voted for Trump.

This is not the time to stick with experience and age, this is the time to set the tone for the next generations.

It is time for a more diverse and younger leadership to take over.

Chose wisely, Democrats!



4 thoughts on “Thank You, Nancy Pelosi!

  1. I hate politics. But this time, for the first time ever, I worked on a campaign for a woman who challenged our Republican House Member. I was just so tired of middle aged white guys making all the decisions and not getting anything done. I live in a totally Republican district, but SHE WON!!!! It was amazing. The margin of victory isn’t big, so I figure she’s got one term to prove she can work for everyone in her district, which is one of the platforms she ran on. I hated campaigning, but it was worth it.

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