The nine Muses


Many kids in Europe have to study Latin and Greek in school, and I was tortured with it as well. I learned about the gods and read everything about Greek mythology, and before I knew it, I was in love.

I couldn’t wait to hear more about it. I sat quietly in class, listened to my teacher and vividly created images in my mind.

The story goes that god Zeus spent nine nights with the young woman Mnemosyne and as a result of their encounter nine daughters were born. All nine girls were of one mind, and when they grew up, they showed no interest in regular human life but instead wanted to dedicate their lives to the arts, and ever since, the muses supported and encouraged creation, enhancing imagination and inspiration of the artists.

According to Greek mythology, the muses invented theory and practice in learning, and they are responsible for the five human senses, the seven chords of the lyre, the seven celestial zones, the seven planets and the seven vocals of the Greek alphabet.

Artists in history acknowledged their importance and many dedicated their work to them; countless paintings, drawings, poems and statues have been created in their honor.

When men or women are blessed by the muses, their divine influence begins at birth. The muses will pour sweet dew on the tongues of those they have chosen to honor, and gracious words will flow from the lips of the people they bless.

Without the blessings of the muses, there wouldn’t be singers or lyre players; there wouldn’t be great poems and stories, no breathtaking paintings or drawings. The world would be a dark and boring place.




17 thoughts on “The nine Muses

  1. It’s mythology, yes, but I like how numbers seem to make a story more believable. It’s like how they say 80% of statistics are made up. If you start throwing out numbers people will believe, or at least they can suspend their disbelief long enough to listen and envision. Numbers can take a far fetched or abstract idea, ground it, and make it very tangible.

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