May I please have my country back?


The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! This beautiful country of diversity and opportunity.  May I please have it back?


Immigrants from all over the world decided to make it their home because they knew they had a chance, as long as they accepted the Constitution of the United States and our democracy.


My America is great, always has been and hopefully always will be.


It’s the land where people lent me a helping hand and didn’t finger point at me, just because I have an accent. 


I was welcomed here, even so, I didn’t always fit the mold. People smiled at me and laughed with me -they didn’t fear me, and I didn’t fear them. 


America is such a colorful place, with colorful people. Different backgrounds, religion, and history all come together in this melting pot.


Please, may I have my country back, it has been hijacked by fear and hatred for more than a year? Can we now move forward and find working solutions for all? 


Yes, we do have problems, but we can solve them. America is not great because of its leaders, America is great because of its people -always has been, always will be. A good President knows this; a great President will encourage us. We should move toward each other; we should sit down and talk –not turn away and yell.

We are black, we are white, we are religious, we are atheists, we are rich, and we are poor, we are brave, and we are cowards. 


You are me, and I am you, we are it. We, all of us make this country great.


I believe in respect; I believe in fairness. I believe love conquers hate; I believe in talking not yelling. 


May I please, have my country back? 





8 thoughts on “May I please have my country back?

  1. I don’t know if it will help, but I don’t fear you. I think you’re kinda cool. ^_^ Trump feeds the fear in the loudest voices, but they don’t speak for everyone. I hope that this all blows over soon and we *can* get back to normal. Two weeks and we’ll know.

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