Understanding the UK after the London Attack

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Today, I read an article about the terror attack in London and one of the comments, written by a reader from Great Britain, left me with the need to apologize to him and to the rest of the world. What a weird feeling that is. How do you reach out to someone you don’t know? So much is going on that we can’t control, so much is being said and written that we wish nobody would hear or read.

The comment didn’t leave me alone and I decided to post it on my blog, mostly because I would like to know (need to know) that I am not the only one in the U.S. who feels that way.

See for yourself how it makes you feel. Here is the comment. It was posted in the New York Times:

U.S. Citizens should understand just how angry people are in the UK at the response from the U.S. president and from U.S. news outlets at terrorists murders last night and over the past months.

We are incensed when the President of the U.S. uses the death, injury and trauma of British citizens to promote his own agenda.

We are insulted and angry when people such as the US president use tragic events in the UK to advance their argument in support of gun laws that we think are insane.

British people are outraged by Donald Trump’s attempts on Twitter to use an attack on us to support his own attack on freedom and tolerance.

We are outraged and angered by the leaks of confidential information that were important to police investigations, while those investigations were still in early stages. We are angered by the appropriation of our suffering and tragedies for your entertainment or gain.

We are also insulting by the newspapers claims that we are ‘reeling’ that we are ‘under siege’. I will—we all will—go back to work on Monday in London upset and distressed, but determined to carry on unaffected. We continue to celebrate our mixture of races, cultures, nationalities and religions. We will not allow these attacks to divide us—because that is their intention.

Is it too much to ask that, as our allies, you act like you actually support us, actually know something about us and our resilience and stop using our suffering for your own gain?

Peter, whoever you are, I thank you for writing this. The second last paragraph gave me so much hope, and with that, you didn’t leave me a choice;  I had to post it on my blog.

16 thoughts on “Understanding the UK after the London Attack

  1. He is a total embarrassment. I have a cousin who just moved to Germany from St Louis and he said everyone he comes in contact with asks him if he moved because of #45 and then go on to tell him how much they hate #45. (He didn’t move because of 45- he inherited an Inn!)

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  2. Just dropping in to say bravo for posting this. In the UK we do know that many, many Americans are as angered by Trump as we are, so please don’t take our anger personally, because I know how open, inclusive and sympathetic you and other Americans are. It so happens that my husband and I were in Central London, walking towards an underground station at the moment of the attack and as the first police van peeled past us and we suspected something had happened. Announcements in the underground of the two closed stations ‘at police request’ told us where the incident was. Londoners, like the men and women of Manchester, are resilient and, as an interview with a 103 year-old-woman who had survived the blitz and the fascist marches showed, they have no intention of giving in to extremists. Incidentally, many of the surgeons and nurses in the London hospitals treating the victims are Muslims, along with an enormous variety of other faiths and nationalities.

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  3. I hadn’t seen this before, but can assure you that he speaks for many of us in the U.K. I agree with everything he says, and I won’t be alone in that. Your disgraceful excuse for a President is shameless in trying to use events such as these to support his own inhumane policies. He commented on Twitter yesterday that no one was having the gun debate because the murderers used trucks and knives. I wonder what he’ll say about today in Orlando? On past performance, if the gunman was white I’d guess he’ll say nothing. Thanks for posting this. We all need the occasional reminder that Americans aren’t all like Trump.

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  4. Great post. I’m Canadian and I love my American friends. I can’t imagine living in that country today with that President. But you don’t need to apologize for him. Most of us know that most Americans do not support him or his agendas.


  5. I agree with the writer Peter 100%. Agent Orange #45 is an idiot, self serving moron and fool. Only out to achieve his own ends. As one who went through 9/11 my first thought was to return to work the next day. Not to give into fear. Many of my friends in other parts of the country told me to take one day off which I did but then back to my job. At the time I worked for a major non-profit and many people from all over the world including Muslims called to make donations and offer support. I had the opportunity to listen to their stories about how appalled and horrified they were about the 9/11 attacks and the murder of innocent people. Like the above writer Peter New York continues to not only Celebrate but honor our diversity of cultures, races, faiths, and ethnic groups. New York stands with London and Manchester.

    Here is an interesting article about Dhrump. Very insightful.


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    • I grew up in Europe in the 70’s and 80’s. There were many terror attacks. I remember the Olympic games in Munich 1972, when they said, “The games must go on.” I didn’t understand it back then -I was just a child- but today I do.

      Terror should never stop us from living our life. Terror attacks do not defy who we are. Love conquers hate…always.

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