We have lost it!



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We, as a nation, have lost it. We have lost focus, and we are losing it more and more every day.

I look at Trump, and I can’t help but think he is distracting us from what is really going on. He makes lots of noises; every day there is something else, and none of it is good. Our journalists, the press, and the media are doing their part, and we follow like the rats followed Pied Piper.

“What did he say today?” and “What will he do or not do?” Questions over questions and there is no answer in sight. We hired an entertainer, and that’s what we will be getting for the next 4 years. Entertainment! Do we really don’t care anymore what is going on?

Women’s rights, gay rights, transgender rights, the environment, healthcare and our kid’s futures is at stake; many changes are being done hidden and quietly every day. Yet, we continue to focus on Trump.

In the background, there are Pence, Session and Bannon and many more angry, white men destroying the country we all love.

We like spectacle, don’t we? Well, now we got it. Reality TV in the White House, more drama to come, not on a daily base, but by the hour.

Yesterday, we even talked about a Twitter typo and people spent hours writing and talking about it. Are we really that superficial and so easily entertained?

And if we are not distracted by loud noises, then we entertain ourselves, and we continue to hate each other. Like, little kids, we continue to hit each other with words, and we offend each other any chance we get. The LIBERAL SNOWFLAKES and the RIGHTWING NUTS are in the ring, and they show no mercy; they are at each other’s throat.

How can humans forget to be human?

We judge people not just by color but by the gods now and even question science -education and intellect is getting offended. Watching it and keeping an open mind is almost painful. How can we even think about leaving the Paris climate-change agreement?


Our democracy is under attack, our government is recontructed as we speak and we just follow the piper. We will end up isolated, perhaps that is the general idea behind it all.

We have truly lost it!

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40 thoughts on “We have lost it!

  1. I think media (who pays attention to the freakin’ media anyway? It’s full of yellow journalism, entertainment ‘news’ and bullshit..nothing real is reported on, but is spun to suit certain agendas. IMHO ) BUT. The reason ol’ Rump gets so much bad press and ill will (again IMHO) is because he is at the center of the mess. He causes much of it with his dim-witted ideas and poor choices. Who chose those horrible ‘2nd in command” men anyway? He was integral. The whole lot of them should be ousted and tried and convicted of treason. And it’ll never happen. Me? I’ve got stock in Kleenex because if and when I pay any attention (and it’s rare..it’s just too depressing) I just weep. It’s horrifying to think, as a nation, we’re that fuckin’ stupid.

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  2. President Trump, Twitter Account is a huge distraction, George Bush though was always in news for silly statements. I think that Trump with some other reasons is an extension of the Freedom Caucus hold a large percentage in Congress and even blocking some of the President Trump’s steps like with Trump Care getting blocked.


  3. We have given this clown too much attention, more than he deserves. He has been isolating the USA more and more. And we need to continue to speak up against his reckless actions .

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  5. My husband and I couldn’t decide yesterday if it was a reality show or a soap opera, Bridget. While behind the scenes, all the things that made America truly great are being dismantled. We are leading the world in the race to the bottom, and they are washing their hands of us. It’s depressing and infuriating; it will take decades to undo the damage, and some people won’t survive it at all.

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  6. Mid-term elections can’t get here soon enough. Removing just a few of Its cronies from Congress will tie Its hands. And you’re right. Who the fuck decides to remove us from the Paris Accord?!? Oh, that’s right. The ponzi scheming, narcissistic puppet that the powers that be somehow got elected. Oh, and the coal barons who are pulling the strings and buying off every so-called leader in the GOP. Grand old party, my ass. Again, mid-term elections. Surely by then, most will realize what a mistake this circus has all been.

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      • Because now the changes he’s trying to make with his budget slashes will directly affect them. Cuts to social services and Medicaid will impact lots of voters…and a bundle who were all in favor of “build the wall” rhetoric. When things negatively affect people, they vote the other way. I’ve said for years, the Democratic Party is the party of every-man. The GOP is the party of every man for himself. They soon learn exactly what that means. I agree, that it’s hard to fathom not seeing what would happen if It were elected, even during the campaign. Still boggles the mind. I don’t even care about It being in the White House. He’s nothing but a puppet. It’s the cronies that need to go. Voters can make that happen, in sufficient amount to choke out any of his nonsensical policy. Hope we do.


  7. The entertainment (and overall weariness of it) keep us from delving into the bigger pictures that is happening before our eyes. So, tired and so sad from it all.

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