Excuse me Ma’am…


The rumor that former smokers become the worst non-smokers is true after all and I am the living proof. Let’s face it; I am the most annoying ex-smoker in the making.

Can somebody please print some flyers and let me stand on a street corner?


“Excuse me Sir….you are smoking…..what is wrong with you? Here you go… take a flyer”


I hold back at home and don’t annoy my smoking husband too much with my new found wisdom, but let me lose and get me out of the house and I am unstoppable!


“Excuse me Ma’am…you are still smoking…haven’t you heard that I quit?  You can do it too…..here take a flyer”


I can give anti-smoking speeches for hours! I have so much information in my head, it’s like an overload and I just have to spit it out…like a ticket machine.


“What do you want? Ahhh you want to know how to quit….there you go…take a flyer!”


I can list warnings, risks and reason why you should quit smoking in lightning speed! 


“Hey Kid…don’t you know that you can die of cancer when you smoke…here take a flyer!”

I could argue with smokers until the end of time…I have all the answer . I did my research and they won’t find a good reason to smoke, because I can list all the reasons why they should stop smoking! For Heaven’s sake I quit…they need to quit too!


Where was I when I started smoking 35 years ago? Or wait let me think here for a second! 


Well, lets face it…I would have smoked anyway! I wasn’t ready then….but I am now! 


I can’t make anybody quit, I can just stand on the sideline and offer help and support!

OK then….cancel the flyers!



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