An Ocean of Masks



We walk together silently hidden behind our masks. Secret thoughts unspoken, our words measured, our walls built, yet in all of us are the same desires, touching us, moving us if only so we may know as others speak to our hearts, we are not alone. We are hiding who we really are; only our eyes show the truth.

Eyes, the mirror of the soul, telling all our deepest hidden secrets speaking far more with a glance than volumes of words can say. And yet how many take the time to look into another’s eyes to find the truth, the joy, the desperation or love hidden there?

As we pass each others in life, why don’t we look behind the mask into the eyes of others, just for a moment? Are we afraid of what we will see, or afraid of what we may show? Do we wear the mask because we try to hide, or do we feel protected behind it?

An ocean of masks pretending to be something they are not.





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