Hillary Clinton is most likely the Democratic Nominee



I am a woman and I should be very excited, but I feel so conflicted.

I was hoping it would be Bernie Sanders. Now I am more scared than ever that Mr. Trump -if he indeed will be the Republican nominee- will become the next President of the United States of America.

Donald Trump has a chance with Hillary Clinton as his opponent, too many don’t like her; too many don’t trust her. Let’s hope that things will change. Perhaps the superdelegates will change their mind? (Why again do we have superdelegates?)



I live in a Republican state -a swing state- and I listened carefully to my friends and neighbors, many of them are Republicans. They are normal people and interesting enough, all of them are watching the Democratic race with great interest.

Many of them would vote for Bernie Sanders, instead of The Donald, but none of them will EVER vote for Hillary Clinton. They will rather vote for the Republican nominee -even though they can’t stand him- to block her. Hillary Clinton nomination unwillingly unites the Republican party -against her.

Everyday people want change -it’s so obvious- even if the change is a bad tempered reality TV star, who has absolutely no clue about politics.

The superdelegates -the ones who already voted for Hillary Clinton before the primary election- they are the ones who tell us that we, the normal voter, don’t matter. They want Clinton, they owe her.


This has to be the saddest election ever, at least it is for me. Is that all we have to offer, a billionaire and a millionaire asking for more power?

As a democratic voter (please note the lowercase “d”), I will have to vote for Hillary Clinton now; not because I like her, but because we have to stop The Donald from becoming the next President. A tactical vote, or the lesser evil; I am not sure what to call it.

Assuming that every independent voter will do the same, is wishful thinking. That’s what makes Hillary Clinton -in my eyes- a risk candidate.

Thank you Bernie Sanders, you were like a breath of fresh air.

Don’t yield; stick it out to the democratic convention. There is still hope!




21 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton is most likely the Democratic Nominee

  1. I don’t really follow the American political situation too closely. I’ve always rather liked Obama but I don’t know that he’s been good for America. Trump is too scary for words. What don’t you go for with Hilary? You indicate she’s not trustworthy? That’s what I have against politicians as a whole. Even the good guys seem to turn bad over time. I can’t even make my mind over our EU vote. It boils down to us being in the hands of the same politicians who are just as capable of making a mess whether we are in or out of Europe. I hate politics! 😦

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  2. Frankly, I don’t see how Trump can survive the presidential debates. His lack of anything LIKE qualifications is going to be front and center. I would think even his own voters would start to feel stupid for ever thinking he’d make janitor let alone president.

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    • He bullied himself this far, I assume he has a good team behind him. He might even change the tone and act more like a politician. My neighbor swears he is only in the race to help Hillary Clinton.

      I am sure if I can watch another debate with him, it offends my brain.


  3. Typically I never discuss politics in blog-land, but since you’ve brought it up, and I’m so disturbed by the willingness to call a race before the race is over. (Thanks for a great post!)

    I love this Facebook friends’ response to pleas for Bernie to drop out:

    “He has won 22 states and over 10 million votes. He represents the beliefs of about half of Democrats and many more independents. He has said that he will go to the convention to ensure that our voices are heard, since all indications from HRC and the DNC are that this progressive agenda will be buried. It is disingenuous to ask him to just go away considering the number of people he represents, even if that does not include you. Despite all the crap on the internet, Bernie is a man of his word, and he is doing exactly what he said he would do – taking it all the way to the convention. This does not make our party weaker, in fact if we incorporate the progressive ideas he supports it makes us stronger, since some of the young people he got to join the party will stay on if the progressive agenda is addressed. Also, despite the crap on the internet, he is not going to run as an independent. He will be all about unity at the convention, and that gives us plenty of time to heal. Asking him to drop out now just divides us further.”

    After today’s meetings with all the Whitehouse-big-player-Democrats today, I wasn’t surprised at all that they weren’t able to bribe or strong-arm Bernie into dropping out. Now that Trump is really going to go after Hillary, watch her numbers tank! By the time the convention rolls around she’ll be an even worse risk and the DNC and super-delegates will realize she can’t beat Trump! Not too late for them to throw their support behind Bernie – esp. because a number of states are being investigated for “voting irregularities.”

    Thanks for a great post!

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  4. Trump will win if the Dems can’t come together and get behind their nominee. At this point there is no way Sanders can be that. Even taking the fight to the convention. The only why to stop Trump is to vote, weather you like Clinton or not. As for people saying they just won’t vote if the person they supported isn’t selected… that non vote turns into one more vote for Trump.

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    • I helps if you read a post all the way through. I did state that I will vote for Clinton. I might not like it, but I will do it even though I feel conflicted.

      A high turnout on the polls and the Democrats win a low turnout on the polls and the Republican win. This too is old news.


  5. Nowadays you ‘re not voting for your favorite candidate ,but for whoever is capable to block Trump…
    Believe me , this is commonplace in Italy, too , so I know what you mean!


  6. She’s far from perfect but has much more experience of government than either Sanders or Trump and from a non-US perspective would be a far better president than either of them. If the US votes for Trump it deserves all it gets. The problem is that the rest of the world will suffer too.

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    • Hillary Clinton has only 8 years in the senate, I wouldn’t call that a lot of experience. (Sanders has over 30 years.) I guess being a first lady might qualify as some sort of experience.

      I take it that you don’t know Bernie Sanders very well, mainly because the media doesn’t talk much about him. It was all about Trump and Clinton in this race..money talks.

      Many…too many will sit this election out. That’s dangerous.

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      • You’re right, the media here concentrate on the two big bruisers. Clinton has been Secretary of State which from a world perspective is good experience to have if you become President. As someone once said, if God had intended you to have an election He would have given you a candidate! It’s a bit like our impending referendum on EU membership: there will be no good outcome, sadly.

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          • People far more expert than I in these matters can’t answer that, it’s much too close to call. I hope we stay in, as I believe it offers a better future for our country. The EU is a bloated bureaucracy that needs major reform but we will be better being a part of that than watching from the sidelines. If we leave it we will still be reliant on the EU for trade, on less favourable terms. The problem is that we are being lied to by both sides, who appear to be making it up as they go along. As they say, you can always tell when a politician is lying: their lips are moving.

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