Setting back the Clocks


There is just no way around. We have to set our clocks back here in the U.S. and this time it’s not going to be just one hour. No, we will be setting it back by years.

I would recommend a setting between 1955 – 1965, that should throw us back far enough and further torture won’t be needed.

Gay, LBGT and women’s right again would be nonexisting and our African-American citizens, well, they didn’t have anything to lose to begin with -so they have been told again and again.

I feel like I am stuck in a neverending nightmare since 7 days. This all can’t be happening.




5 thoughts on “Setting back the Clocks

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  2. I know. But I was really encouraged by the march. Now whenever I feel that nightmare taking hold, I call my senators and congressmen to complain (even though they are Democrats). Keep the phone numbers on your refrigerator. Call them every day to express your outrage. If you prefer, they all have emails too. You can copy your posts into email 🙂 Gotta stand up to this!

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