Email Notifications are Missing!

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If you haven’t seen me at your blog lately, it’s because all my WordPress email notifications of new posts have stopped. I follow a lot of blogs and asked for an email notification for the ones I love the most. 

First, only one blog was missing, then another one and now I don’t get an email notification at all. I have to solely rely on my READER here at WordPress, what I hate. I have lost blogs I followed in my reader without any wrongdoing on my part. There seems to be a system in place that I cannot understand. It beats all logic.

The notification about your new posts didn’t end up in my spam folder either, that one is full of Viagra offers as always.

I went into my reader and tried to MANAGE the sites I follow, and to my surprise, the option to receive an email when a new post is published is gone. It disappeared.

So I followed my own blog and asked for an email and guess what. You guessed right! Nothing! I followed and unfollowed my friend’s blogs…nothing! I should get an email, but I don’t.

If somebody -anybody- knows how to fix that. Please, be so nice and let me know. I am lost right now and feel beat my technology.

I almost hope I am the only one who experienced that problem.

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18 thoughts on “Email Notifications are Missing!

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are still having trouble with email notifications. Although I’ve never had to contact WP for help, you might need to try that.
    Good luck, Bridget. This kind of thing would drive me crazy and I’m curious to hear how it’s resolved.

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  2. I’m the same as Embeecee, I use Reader rather than emails, but I’m having issues with liking and commenting on people’s pages. As you can see, I can like and comment through the Reader, but if I go to your blog, I won’t be able to like or comment on anything. >_< I think WordPress is having issues, because about a month ago, I was having the exact opposite problem (I could like and comment on people's pages, but not through Reader).


  3. I deliberately turned mine off because I come to the Reader and find most of them everyday anyway. But this morning? There was one I KNOW I turned off the email notification for, so ?? I hope you find a solution…

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  4. Another thing you can do is make a lit under the list heading I made one for “favorites” and added certain blogs I wanted to make sure not to miss, this way I just click the favorites list and any of those blogs I saved under the heading show up. No email


  5. Go to manage, look at one of the blogs you have listed there, click settings, a window opens that say email, under it it says New Posts, slide the thing (technical term) over so it shows blue, and then chose instantly, daily or weekly and click on which one. Then slide button over if you want new comments. I just did it and it seemed to worked. I got en email notification.


  6. WP changed the way Reader looks a little while ago. Just to be sure, when you go into Reader and Followed site/Manage, to the right of the website name is a little “gear symbol” that says Settings. That’s where you can choose weekly, daily or immediate notifications. Is that missing?

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  7. Still getting emails. I hate the Reader too, but I hate getting 10 million emails a day even more. I have my emails go to an account just for them, but almost never look. Even though i weed out who I want to see, it is still difficult.

    Anyway, as others have said, you should ask for WP assistance.


  8. I suffered an issue similar to this about 6 months ago, but I actually lost a heap of followed sites. I don’t know if it all happened at once or over time but in the space of a week the number of sites I followed dropped by nearly half. I went from a heap of posts in my reader over night to about 6. For me the fix (apart from refollowing people) was to set up email responses to the main sites I definitely want to read. Since then I have noticed the reader misses many posts including posts from WP like the daily prompt etc but anything I have checked for instant email has remained followed. It’s definitely weird system with many random errors.


  9. Your emails are still coming to my email address. I have note some have been block. Some I don’t always get but since I checked my site I noticed them. Some have been dropped more than once. I was locked out of my WordPress blog for around to weeks. I suggest you tried the help support and I can see if I can located the help
    Person of you can’t find any other way.


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