King for a Day!


Being an emperor or an empress for a day, think about all the wonderful things one could do -all the rules and regulation one could change. I would make radical changes, changes that might even anger a few. 

I would ask all the churches to open their doors at all times, so that people who happen to be without shelter, would have a safe place to stay and to sleep. I also would ask them to offer food (soup and bread) at night and a small breakfast in the morning. You talk the talk, now walk the walk and reach out to the ones in need. Share your wealth; start living what you preach!

I would order that grocery stores and restaurants have to give all the food they throw away, to the ones in need, and to all the churches in the neighborhood, who, from now on will be in charge to feed the people who can’t feed themselves. Throwing food away is utter nonsense; it has to stop.

Food, Water, and Shelter how can these essential things be a luxury for so many? How can we have so many empty buildings, when there are so many who sleep on the streets?

I would put a universal healthcare in place, with a fair premium based on one’s income. There would be no deductible, no co-pay and other nonsense. Eye care and dental care would be included -no question about that. Same goes for rehab, physical therapy, alternative treatments, childcare, and senior housing. How can these things be dictated by money? How can a few gamble with the quality of our lives? Aren’t we all equal?

And finally (very selfishly) I would ask for one-week election break by all the media -because I think we all need it. No talk about politics, no talk about who said what, and no endless, tiring discussions what they might have meant. Instead….real news. Local news, national news and international news -yes, there is a rest of the world- and most and foremost good news, because there still is such a thing -we just don’t hear about it.

One can dream~!






22 thoughts on “King for a Day!

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  2. This is/was a fantastic light to live by, what you spoke is what should be but unfortunately will not be until after the Rapture. I really like what you had to say though.

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  3. You ask; “Aren’t we all equal?” Of course we aren’t. Never have been. Except now, rather than Emperors or Kings, we have pharmaceutical companies and bankers and chemical companies in charge of our health and housing and food.

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  4. You read my mind!! I was driving home just now and observed three cars in a row stop to give a homeless man on the street corner some money. It’s getting worse and this just shouldn’t be. The everyday good souls get this, even the dissatisfaction with politics! It’s like we’re all invisible! Grrrrr!

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  5. Such a compassionate and well timed bunch of wishes… The church should provide more social services, as you have well pointed out!… I hope evrything is going well over there!… Wishing you a happy almost autumn ahead! Aquileana 😉


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