The Cleaning Fairy and the Drill Sergeant – Part III

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Cleaning fairy #3 was a Russian lady, who came from a country which belonged to Russia in the past and now they don’t speak Russian anymore -turned out she didn’t speak much English either. Needless to say, we had some communication problems. She knocked on my door and introduced herself as HOUSECLEANING, what made me feel like a guest in a luxury hotel. “You show me chemicals,” she demanded, and the way she talked to me scared me a bit.

“You leave, I clean,” she told me, and she seemed unimpressed when I explained to her that I not just live, but also work in our home. I was in her way, and I understood but leaving someone I had never met before alone in our home, was just not an option. I stood my ground and did not go to my workroom, but stayed in the house like a stubborn child. (You can’t make me!)

“I cleaned rich condo in Miami, had golden water,” she informed me, and I wasn’t sure why she told me this, until later when she wanted more money. “I good clean, ya?” she asked, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her otherwise. Once again I stood my ground, swallowed hard and only paid her the amount I had agreed on.

She had left our bathroom spotless but had not bothered to do anything in the kitchen. This all was much more complicated than I thought it would be.

Number #4 showed up for the interview but didn’t make it any further. She could not pass a background check, had been incarcerated for a violent crime and that’s when I drew the line. While I believe in second chances, I also believe in being smart. I listened to my gut and said “NO.”

I put the add up again and talked to more potential cleaning helpers. Interesting enough, a guy called me and told me his story and explained to me why he wanted to clean our home. “If you want someone who sees dirt, I am your man,” he said, and with that, he made me curious.

I looked up to the universe and listened to the voice inside me. A male cleaning fairy! Really? I genuinely believe discrimination works both ways. I have always been one of the first females who demanded equality and a fair chance. What works for us females, works the other way around as well. If a man wants to clean houses. Why not!

When he showed up to meet me and our home, I couldn’t help but laugh inside when I found out that he was black. He passed the DOG TEST with flying colors, come to think of, he was the first one who actually interested our dogs.

Reverences and background was no problem at all, and I liked his story. He and his girlfriend had been in a car accident and they were waiting for the insurance money so they could get their car repaired. “We live from paycheck to paycheck have no savings,” he explained and told me he wanted to change that. “This accident has changed the way I think.” From Sunday to Thursday he delivers packages, on Fridays and Saturdays he now wants to clean houses, he said, and I respected him for that.

I showed him the rooms and explained to him what I wanted cleaned and done. He took notes, even asked me to make a list, and it made so much sense. He started cleaning upstairs, and I went to the computer and made a checklist for him, that showed him what I wished to have done.

He found THE OLIVE -the icing on the cabinet is gone and the way he cleaned everything is exactly the way I was hoping for. He learned cleaning from his Mom, who had a cleaning service and she taught him well. She took him with her when he was little and asked him to help. Smart woman!

I know that some of my neighbors have a problem with my cleaning fairy-because they kinda told me – but I honestly don’t care. I couldn’t be happier!

I am glad I didn’t lower my standards during my search for the right cleaning help. I found the right one and my neighbors have to get over themselves as I know they will.

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15 thoughts on “The Cleaning Fairy and the Drill Sergeant – Part III

  1. Loved this series! You had me on pins and needles to learn how it all turned out A happy ending and a win-win for all gave me some optimism at the beginning of this new year.


  2. This story made me think of the expression ‘Blessings sometimes come in interesting packages’. What a great and unexpected happy ending.

    Your Russian lady reminded me of a cleaning person I had once a few years ago. She kind of scared me too – made me feel like a bad child the way she tsk’ed and clucked her way around the house. Then she completely surprised me when she left – said we were good people and hugged me on the way out. Honestly, I was just so relieved to see her go.

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  3. Hurrah! Happy Ending …. all hail the mummy who taught her boy to clean. She should be given the Freedom of every City because THAT is real feminism. Long my your boy grace your home with his skills 🧚‍♀️


  4. Well its a relief your ‘cleaning fairy’ worked out for you….you made me remember my reason for having a cleaning lady, she is a single mum and is doing it tough so I employ her and pay her what she argues is a fair amount though I’d be happy to pay more as she does a great job for me. I just wish she could come more regularly, but I do understand she has demanding children.


  5. Good for you, and good for him for actually doing the job he is paid for and doing it well–like in the old days when we worked and if we did a crummy job, we got fired. I’m glad you found your match!

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    • He comes by twice a months for 4 hours and does the deep cleaning. Doors, Windows, floors, kitchen and bathrooms. It’s a big help and it gives me more time to take care of the rest every day. Housework never ends does it?


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