Think Again~!


I was in tears yesterday, when I saw the picture of the little, Syrian boy who had drowned. I was born and raised in Europe, I traveled the word. I saw people begging for shelter in a foreign country. My own Grandmother had to flee in WWI and found a new home in Austria, where I was born. I visited Africa, Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. I am a first generation immigrant myself, a love immigrant through marriage to my husband. Refugees, migrants, immigrants…many names for people who have one wish only. The wish for a better life~! If this picture will not change the way we handle the situation worldwide, then nothing will. One of the easiest reblogs ever~!

A Momma's View

I’d like to tell you a story I’ve recently read and ask you how you feel. Please read and let me know.


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7 thoughts on “Think Again~!

  1. This world is seriously flawed when children drown for lack of our care. In total numbers the problem is relatively small if countries such as Australia, Canada, the US could reach out and stop bombing and take the fleeing refugees instead. Do they actually know who they are bombing? Friend or foe? Iraq is now in a much greater mess than when Sadam was in power. It is all so mean and hopeless.

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    • I like your comments when you show your soul. You are right, we as a world are seriously flawed. I am watching this all in disbelieve. I was thinking the same. Now 2000 refugees are marching on the highway in Hungary toward Austria and Germany.

      We have to find a solution. The people from Syria have a right for a better life as well.


  2. There must be thousand such heartfelt stories so much worse horrors than we can even begin to imagine.. the time now has come to reach out to each other .. And as I said in a recent post .. We must not miss the opportunity to hold out our hands in friendship and stop judging.. We are One.

    Thank you for sharing..
    Blessings Sue


  3. There are millions of these stories. I’ve listened to first person stories by refugees from African death squads who lost entire families … Vietnamese boat people … Auschwitz survivors. I’ve reached a point where I am full up on the pain of the world. There is so much tragedy, so much pain. Too much for me to process. Not that I don’t care, but I can’t fix it. And there’s too little of me left to deal with the misery overload. It will never stop, you know. Never. In all of human history, it has never stopped.

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    • I am angry, for the first time in a long time I feel anger. This is the worlds problem and we should deal with it. I got my share of stories as well, most of them in Africa. Maybe you and me are too old to change anything, but there are younger generations behind us who have the stamina to fight for the right things…as we have.


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