I get you (not) my Pretty!

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I am in self-isolation and allow myself only one hour of news a day. Sadly it doesn’t take more than two minutes to be all confused.

Big news today! No more testing in New York and Los Angeles -the biggest cities in the U.S. by population. Only the healthcare personnel and first-responders are being tested -which I understand. Why we don’t have enough tests available to test everybody. That’s something I will never understand.

Or perhaps I do! Not testing everybody will certainly keep the number down nicely.

After all, it’s an election year and people forget quickly -or chose not to remember. Once the pandemic will be under control, certain politicians will claim they were the only ones who had everything under control, and only their genius propped the economy up.

Of course, it’s us the worker bees who will perform yet another miracle, as usual, we won’t be mentioned.

There is news of Hydroxychloroquine. An old malaria medication could be the savior of the coronavirus, which I find humorous and very misleading.

I had the pleasure to take this medication for two years. Also known as Plaquenil, it is subscribed to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. 400 mg a day. Please take it every day at the same time and be patient, it will take time to be in your system. You will feel the full effect after 4-6 months of taking it. So true! I felt a change after months three.

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Sadly, this medication has terrible side effects. One of them is problems with the eyes -leading to blindness. I went to the optometrist every six months and didn’t like how he made me feel. On top of it, the medication gave me a terrible rash each and every time I spent time in the sun -even if was just for a few minutes.

I stopped the medication. It stayed in my system for a few months after I quit my daily dose -again I could feel the difference.

So I suppose in a few months we might now if Hydroxichloroquine might actually help -my wildest guess, by then we won’t need it anymore.

As for the coronavirus, in the end, many of us will never know if we had IT or not.

I am so proud of the people around me. My students are checking on me, my customers all called and informed me that they like me, but wish not to see me for a while. I told them I had mutual feelings. Let’s take a break!

A genius posted this on our neighborhood board.

With social distancing being mandated and all I wanted to put myself out there if you might need someone to not hang out with. As an anxious, socially awkward weirdo I have years of practice not meeting new people, coming out of my shell or being the life of the party. We could avoid a movie, fail to have a few drinks or just, not do whatever you want. Hit me up!

I like his spirit and love his humor. I will for sure not contact him -we will not meet.

Scary and uncertain times for sure.

It’s a bit nerve-wracking for people like me. My autoimmune system is compromised, even though my Rheumatoid Arthritis is in remission. I don’t talk about it, don’t show my concerns but it does make me wonder. What are my chances?

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My neighbors have been sick for a while, both are down with the flu, have been put on antibiotics weeks ago. Both are retired, they are recovering slowly. Did they have IT?

I am fine so far and intend to stay like this. Don’t come by unannounced!

Yesterday we were out of Kleenex, today we have five boxes. Three bought by us, two given to us by a neighbor who knew we were out. We met at the door, exchanged a few words, neither one of us wore a face mask. That’s the reality of life!

We have toilet paper and facial tissues! We are all set!

I love funny mugs -and pretty ones. I suppose I will get me one of these for Christmas because I plan on still being around.

Funny Toilet paper TP crisis shortage 2020 coffee cup mug

11 thoughts on “I get you (not) my Pretty!

  1. Politicians of all stripes will try and make this their moment. I just hope that everyone holds the reality of what is happening close enough not to fall for the lies when they start trotting out. Stay safe, gal – we need your wisdom, pith and humour.


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