The Best Quit Smoking Blogs 2017

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Healthline has nominated the best Quit Smoking Blogs of 2017 and again, I am one of them, even though I hardly write about smoking anymore. 

We just celebrated my husband’s one-year quit anniversary. Just like me a few years earlier, he quit with ease. He had a few tough moments at the beginning, had some small temper tantrums and a few pity parties but none of it lasted long. The weight he gained after he quit has disappeared and is chocolate consumption is back to normal -if it ever has been normal, to begin with.

We didn’t make a big deal out of his 1-year quit anniversary, we celebrated his birthday a few days later because it was more important.

Now we are truly a smoke-free house. Our friends don’t even remember that we both smoked once. He puffed for 46 years and I smoked for 35 years; cigarettes are just a relic of our past, like the funny bell bottoms we wore once or the goofy haircuts we had so many years ago. Neither one of us can understand why we smoked, neither one of us feels the need to go back. Why would we?

I don’t write about smoking and quitting anymore, and the way it looks like I don’t have to. My most read posts on this blog are the ones I wrote during the first year of my QUIT, with the exception of my “design” post about the Sistine Chappel and a bitch post about Cathleen Jenner.

Sistine Chappel and so much more

11 months smoke-free confessions time

My own definition of No-mans Land

Cuban Cigars the symbol of wealth

Sniff, Sniff because now I can

Why I don’t like Cathleen Jenner

paint view.png

Posts, with only a handful of LIKES -due to the lack of followers back then- are now the most read ones. Smokers from all over the world seem to want to know how I did it, and that is the best, and highest reward I could ever have asked for.

Not a day goes by, without at least one click on one of my very first posts. Who would have thought?

It’s not about the LIKES and the numbers of FOLLOWERS, in the end, it’s only about the people we are able to reach. Knowing that I might have helped someone makes me smile.

I have been asked to put my quit smoking journey into a Quit-Smoking-Book and I am thinking about it -if there only would be more hours in a day.

I am truly THE HAPPY QUITTER and forever a Nonsmoking Ladybug!

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19 thoughts on “The Best Quit Smoking Blogs 2017

  1. Bridget it is wonderful you give the inspiration to others to quit and show them it can be done. A friend of mine always posts on Facebook her yearly quitting anniversary with the stats of how much money she has saved and how many years she has added to her life. She quit 11 years ago and saved $30,000 in what she would have spent on cigarettes- I guess based on her consumption. Amazing!


  2. That’s nice that your original posts are still helping people make the decision to stop smoking. No one in my family ever smoked, and I had a 5th grade teacher that beat the threat of cancer into all of us, so I don’t smoke, never did. I’m sure I don’t understand how hard it is to quit. Maybe I do understand a little….for me it’s hard to avoid fast food, so maybe it’s like that only harder.

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  3. Congratulations! I watched both of my parents attempt to quit with no success. Ultimately, smoking related diseases took both of them way too soon. Keep spreading the word, through your blog title if nothing else.

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